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Facial Plastic Surgery in Seattle WA | The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center | Dr William Portuese


A browlift surgery is a plastic surgery that can rejuvenate the look of your face. When you consider all of the various plastic surgeries available today, browlift surgery is a relatively simple procedure that can have a dramatic impact on the way you look. However, you do need to know that it is a painful procedure. Some patients even experience pain after the procedure. The good news is that with careful pre and post-operative care, your recovery time will be limited.

If you are considering browlift surgery, you should know that it is generally performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. You will need to be in generally good health prior to your procedure. You should also be able to tolerate a significant amount of swelling and bruising. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure with you, and he will likely offer you a variety of options for healing and scarring reduction.

If you are considering a browlift surgery, you should have lines or furrows in your forehead that are not present when you are younger. You may also have forehead and eye lift as part of your facial cosmetic surgery procedure. If you have severe drooping of your forehead area, you should consult a plastic surgeon about a browlift that removes the furrows. You can have the procedure done as an outpatient procedure in about two to three hours. Most people will return to work and complete their normal activities within a few days to a week.

As with all surgical procedures, you should be sure that you can tolerate the anesthesia before having browlifts. The surgery should not take place during a "red-eye" period. Some patients report that they feel "campy" or as if they are "are not themselves" right after having browlifts. If you become uncomfortable during the procedure, you should inform your plastic surgeon immediately.

Another common problem is excessive wrinkling of the hairline or forehead. When you get older, your skin can't hold on to the moisture that it once did, causing you to shed hairline and forehead tissue as you age. Some people don't seem to mind, but others find the problem embarrassing and can really interfere with their social life. A browlift (forehead lift) surgery can remove the excessive shedding and smoothen out the hairline. A plastic surgeon may perform the surgery using scalpels, extenders or a combination of both. If you want the smallest scarring possible, you may want to choose an elective procedure and leave the surgical portion to a dermatologist.

Some patients experience numbness or tingling in the facial region immediately after having browlift surgery. Although numbness is common, some patients do experience more numbness or tingling after the procedure. Your doctor will likely explain the reasons for this loss of sensation and explain how you should expect it to subside. This usually takes several days to a week, depending upon the severity of your procedure and your body's response to the operation. You will probably still be sensitive to sunlight and have difficulty hearing or seeing, so keep this in mind if you have any numbness or tingling.

Your eyelids may droop slightly when you have browlift surgery and you might feel a mild stinging as the muscles in the area contract. If this occurs, you may need to wear sunglasses or go outside for visibility. Generally, the eyelids will remain open for several days after your procedure and will return to their former positions at the end of the procedure. However, you should not be sleeping in your recliner or making use of your forehead to support yourself, as this could lead to excessive loss of blood and permanent damage to the muscles supporting your eyelids.

The surgical technician will position you in the chair facing up. You will then be asked to remove your outer earrings and pull back your upper eyelid so that your upper eyelid is completely level with your scalp. A thin flexible band will be placed under your upper eyelid to secure it in place. A thin tube will run from the band to the hole in your forehead and will guide your drooping brow lift scars down to the corner of your eye. A browlift surgery incision will then be made above the corner of your eye to reach the excess skin and excess tissue that may have been lost during your procedure.


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